Check out the vacination and immunisation programs implemented in the following countries for their resident children. If your country is not listed below, you can check with the local Health Ministry or local hospital to get most up to date information.

child vaccination

Height & Weight

Based on the commonly used Hieght and Weight Charts, we have prepared a simple tool to find out an average height and weight of a child. Since there are some other factors also that may impact the actual numbers. However, the numbers in this table are good enought to give you anidea about an approximate height and weight of child with in the selected age.

child vaccination

Height and Weight Chart

Select the gender and age of child to view an average weight and height

First Year Nutrition

Starting form 4th month, following solid food could be introduced to baby’s diet in addition to breast milk or baby formula.

    4 - 6 Months

Single-Grain Cereals mixed with breast milk, baby formula or water.

    6 - 8 Months

Pureed or stained fruits and vegitables e.g. banana, apple, pear, potatoes, carrot etc. Other sources of protein including very small pieces of cooked chicken, tyrkey, fish, blackbeans, red beans and pinto beans etc.

    8 - 10 Months

Mashed fruits and vegitables, small cereals, teethring crackers, cooked pasta, yogurt, cottage cheese and eggs etc.

  10 - 12 Months

Baby can try eating most of the foods that family eat now, However, food must cut up or mashed properly so that the baby can safely chew and swallow. If family have a history of allergies against some food,always consult your doctor.